Cheevo Archive Wiki

To gain Affiliation with this wiki, there are certain guidelines that each wiki must follow:

  1. Have an active admin request for the Affiliation;
  2. Have more than 500 total edits (This is a guideline so we know you're not mooching);
  3. You MUST have a graphic wordmark. This is so we can advertise it on our wiki.

    CA Wiki's Wordmark

  4. The requesting wiki must contain content that is not intended to offend, Vilify or bully. It must also contain appropriate content (as more than adults use Wikia;)
  5. The wiki should have effective control on Vandalism and will need to provide evidence (if they request us).
  6. Have a Customised:
  • Main Page
  • Community Messages (MediaWiki:Community-corner)
  • Navigation

Include the following things in your request

  1. Wiki Name
  2. A link to the requesting Wiki (preferably in the Title)
  3. Wiki Purpose (Why is it there?)
  4. An example of a Vandal you have blocked (if applicable)
  5. Wordmark (Graphic. preferably in .png format)

The Admins hope you will be successful in your attempt to gain Affiliation!