Assassin's Creed


North America November 13 2007, Europe November 16 2007


Historical fiction, RPG, Action


Ubisoft Montreal

Achievement total

44 on Xbox 360, 0 on PS3

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Assassin's Creed is about assassins and is the first installment in the Assassin's Creed series. The sequel is Assassin's Creed II.


The Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad embarks on an epic journey, in which he has to assassinate nine targets in order to ensure his promotion as the Master Assassin, after he was demoted for breaking all three tenets of the Creed.

Icon Name How to obtain Gamerscore
AC achievement the eagle and the apple The Eagle and The Apple - 1191 Complete Assassin's Creed. 100G
AssassinsCreed PersonalVendetta Personal Vendetta Kill every Templar. 40G
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheLionsPassant Keeper of the Lions Passant Find all King Richard Flags in the Kingdom. 25G
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheCreed Keeper of the Creed Find all Flags in Masyaf. 10G
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheFourGospels Keeper of the Four Gospels Find all Flags in Jerusalem. 20G
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheCrescent Keeper of the Crescent Find all Flags in Damascus. 20G
AssassinsCreed AbsoluteSymbiosis Absolute Symbiosis Have a complete Synchronization meter. 45G
AssassinsCreed Fearless Fearless Scale, and Synchronize atop, all View Points. 25G
AssassinsCreed HungererOfKnowledge Hungerer of Knowledge See 85% of all the memory glitches. 20G
AssassinsCreed DefenderOfThePeopleAcre Defender of the People: Acre Complete every free mission in Acre. 20G
AssassinsCreed DefenderOfThePeopleJerusalem Defender of the People: Jerusalem Complete every free mission in Jerusalem. 20G
AssassinsCreed DefenderOfThePeopleDamascus Defender of the People: Damascus Complete every free mission in Damascus. 20G
AssassinsCreed Conversationalist Conversationalist Go through every dialogue with Lucy. 20G
AssassinsCreed DiscipleOfTheCreed Disciple of the Creed Assassinate all of your targets with a complete memory log. 30G
AssassinsCreed EaglesWill Eagle's Will Defeat 100 opponents without dying. 20G
AssassinsCreed EaglesFlight Eagle's Flight Last 10 minutes in open conflict. 20G
AssassinsCreed EaglesPrey Eagle's Prey Assassinate 100 guards. 20G
AssassinsCreed BladeInTheCrowd Blade in the Crowd Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin. 30G
AssassinsCreed EaglesChallenge Eagle's Challenge Defeat 25 guards in a single fight. 20G
AssassinsCreed EaglesSwiftness Eagle's Swiftness Perform 100 counter kills. 20G
AssassinsCreed EaglesDive Eagle's Dive Perform 50 combo kills. 20G
AssassinsCreed EaglesTalon Eagle's Talon Perform 50 stealth assassinations. 15G
AssassinsCreed EaglesDance Eagle's Dance Perform 50 leaps of faith. 10G
AssassinsCreed TheHandsOfAThief The Hands of a Thief Pickpocket 200 throwing knives. 15G
AssassinsCreed MarchOfThePious March of the Pious Use scholar blending 20 times. 5G
AssassinsCreed EaglesEye Eagle's Eye Kill 75 guards with throwing knives. 15G
AssassinsCreed EnemyOfThePoor Enemy of the Poor Grab and throw 25 beggars. 5G
AssassinsCreed GiftedEscapist Gifted Escapist Jump through 20 merchant stands. 5G
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheBlackCross Keeper of the Black Cross Find all Teutonic Flags in Acre. 10G
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheOrder Keeper of the Order Find all Templar Flags in Acre. 10G
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfThe8Virtues Keeper of the 8 Virtues Find all Hospitalier Flags in Acre. 10G
AssassinsCreed WelcomeToTheAnimus Welcome to the Animus Complete the Animus tutorial. (Secret achievement) 20G
AssassinsCreed HeroOfMasyaf Hero of Masyaf Defend Masyaf from the Templars. (Secret achievement) 20G
AssassinsCreed ThePunishmentForTreason The Punishment for Treason Find the traitor and bring him before Al Mualim. (Secret achievement) 20G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfACorruptMerchant The Blood of a Corrupt Merchant Slay Tamir. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfADoctor The Blood of a Doctor Slay Garnier De Naplouse. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfASlaveTrader The Blood of a Slave Trader Slay Talal. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfTheMerchantKing The Blood of The Merchant King Slay Abul Nu'qoud. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfALiegeLord The Blood of a Leige Lord Slay William of Montferrat. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfARegent The Blood of a Regent Slay Majd Addin. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfATeutonicLeader The Blood of a Teutonic Leader Slay Sibrand. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfAScribe The Blood of a Scribe Slay Jubair. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfANemesis The Blood of a Nemesis Slay Robert De Sable. (Secret achievement) 25G
AssassinsCreed VisionsOfTheFuture Visions of the Future Sit through the end credits and use Eagle Vision on the bedroom wall. (Secret achievement) 50G
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