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How to Obtain: " Receive 25 kisses from the ladies.."


Receive 25 kisses from the ladies. Get in good with a girl and receive a kiss once they like you enough (requires Art 1). Give them gifts and other things that will make them like you more. Kiss them 25 times. You can kiss the same girl over and over again.

To kiss, lock on to a girl with LT. When locked on, the A indicator will turn into a thumb, press A to initiate conversation. After Art 1, the thumb will turn into a heart. Then after holding LT and pressing A, it will then turn into a gift (flower, chocolate, or money). Once it's a gift press A again and the gift will turn into a kiss. Hit one last time and you get a kiss! Rise and repeat until you get 25.

Once you complete Art 5, you no longer have to give a gift in order to proceed to the kiss phase, it will go straight from heart to kiss.

    • You can check how many girls you have kissed:

Start---> Stats---> Social---> Romance---> Kisses Received From Ladies