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CheevoCraft’s economy is very advanced but still simple to use. Currency on CheevoCraft is counted in dollars and coins. Everyone starts with 30 dollars when they first join the server. Everyone is given interest on the amount in their account. You will get 0.75% of your balance for every day that you’re online.

Commands List:[]

  • /money : Check your balance.
  • /money help : Help and Information about the economy.
  • /money pay [name] [amount] : Send money to others.
  • /money create [name] : Create an account.
  • /money remove [name] : Remove an account.
  • /money purge : Purge all accounts with initial holdings.
  • /money [name] : Check others balance.

In-game Market[]

CheevoCraft’s in game market is fairly simple but very powerful. The value of items will go up by $0.01 for every one of the item bought, the reverse occurs for every one of the item sold. This means that the prices of items are always changing, like in the real world.

Commands List:[]

  • /buy [item] [amount] : Buys an amount of the specified item. Example: /buy cobblestone 128
  • /sell [item] [amount] : Sells an amount of the specified item. Example: /sell pork 7
  • /sell all : Sells all sellable items in your inventory.
  • /price [item] [amount (optional)] : Checks the price of a specified item. Example: /price diamond 10
  • /market [top | bottom | list] : Has three uses, 'top' and 'bottom'. 'top' returns the top 10 most expensive items on the market. 'bottom' does the same for the least expensive items. Or 'list' to show all available items on the market. Example: /market top

Chest Shop[]

Creating a Chest Shop[]

  1. Place a Chest
  2. Place a sign within 1 block of the chest (for example above the chest)
  3. The sign should look like this:
<amount of item to be purchased>
B <buy price> : <sell price> S
<item ID or item name>

  • In the first line the plug-in will automatically insert your username.
  • Item name can be the item ID
  • The price line can include the buying or selling prices, or both. To do this you place a B in front of the buying price and an S in after the selling price. Separate them with a colon. It should look like this:

(insert Pic Here)

Meaning that 50CalAssassin wants to sell 64 dirt for $1, and buy dirt for $0. Also, if you wish to give something away for free write “free” in place of price.

4. Now the shop is ready to be used. Note: the person who made the chest is the only one who can destroy it, excluding King+.

Using Shops[]

It’s simple, just Left-Click to Sell to the shop and Right-Click to Buy from a shop. To destroy you own shop Sneak (hold shift) and destroy the sign.

Admin Shops[]

Admin shop is the shop that doesn't require a chest, because it has infinite stock. If you sell to it, the items will disappear, and if you buy from it, items will magically appear. To create one, you have to be King+. Just put "Admin Shop" on the first line of the sign.

Banking System[]

There are multiple Banks across the world. You can go to a bank and there are many storage chest slots for you to store your items. You can purchase extra storage if needed. The items are then safe and you can withdraw and deposit items at any Bank in that world! To use a bank approach the banker and right-click.

Slot Info[]

Each rank has a different number of max slots.

  • Emperor: 54
  • King: 45
  • Lord: 36
  • Knight: 27
  • Steward: 18
  • Peasant: 9

Commands List:[]

  • /gb create [bankname] : Creates a banker with a bank name.
  • /gb delete : Then punch a banker to delete the bank.