Cheevo Archive Wiki

Game Modes[]


CheevoCraft's Main world is set to survival mode. Survival Mode is the game mode of Minecraft in which players can collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, fight hunger, and explore the land. In Survival, players have an inventory in which they may gather items. These items may be combined using certain recipes to create Tools and other Items. This process is known as crafting. Most crafting recipes need a crafting table. Players are also able to create potions by brewing.

Hunger Games[]

CheevoCraft has a mode called “Hunger Games” which is based on the Hunger Games book/movie. On CheevoCraft The Hunger Games are games where players or ‘tributes’ battle in a free for all combat challenge. The ‘game maker’ has the ability to change the environment to provide a greater challenge for the tributes and better entertainment for the spectators. The arena is surrounded by a glass wall to prevent tributes running away. Sponsors have the ability to ‘sponsor’ tributes by sending them items or money to help the tribute win. In order for a tribute to be crowned winer of the match he/she must be the last person alive. The match could go on forever, until there is only ONE survivor. May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor…

Commands List:[]

Game Maker[]
  • /tsg players : shows a list of players joined and their health.
  • /tsg leaders : shows the top 10 leading players.
  • /gamemaker lightning : strikes the game world with 200 lightning bolts, as it is random more to scare the players than to kill them
  • /gamemaker forestfire : starts random fires all over the game world.
  • /gamemaker mines [amount] : places mines all over the world, in the volume you specify. Mines are invisible, and explode when a player gets too close
  • /gamemaker explosion : sets off 200 random explosions in the world, cause mass destruction
  • /gamemaker night : sets the game world to night
  • /gamemaker paranoid : plays an arrow-firing sound to all players, works as described in command
  • /tsg goto [world] : Brings you to a world. If it does not exist, or is not imported it will be created or imported
  • /tsg start ffa [time] : Announces how when a match will start. Note time is in seconds.
  • /tsg end [game] : Ends the games in session or in queue.
  • /tsg force [game] : Forces the starting of a game. Useful if you set a lengthy wait period and everybody's already joined.
  • /tsg addall : Add all online players to the game.
  • /tsg auto ffa [time] : Makes the games automatically restart whenever they end, with the wait time given
  • /tsg spectate [playername] : Teleports you into the world invisible to the players, and unable to interact with them. Specifying a player teleports you to them - Right clicking a player of the games while in spectate mode shows you their inventory, you cannot edit it
  • /sponsor [playername] : Allows you to send items to a player in the games
  • /tsg leave : Allows you to leave a game before it starts
  • /tsg join : Joins a game that has been announced.
  • /emergency : The only way to leave during a game, as if you had been killed.




Coloured Signs[]

Colored Signs is as it sounds, it enables the coloring of text on signs. This is a very simple and easy to use plug-in all you have to do is write ‘&’ followed by a code 0-9, a-f. Everything after the code will be that color. This plug-in may conflict with shop signs so refrain from using colors on shop signs, however if you find it does work report back to us. Note: If you want & on the sign without a color, simply write it twice. Eg: &&.

Colour Codes[]

  • Colour &0
  • Colour &1
  • Colour &2
  • Colour &3
  • Colour &4
  • Colour &5
  • Colour &6
  • Colour &7
  • Colour &8
  • Colour &9
  • Colour &a
  • Colour &b
  • Colour &c
  • Colour &d
  • Colour &e
  • Colour &f