Cheevo Archive Wiki

Please Note that the rules will be constantly updated so you should regularly check for additions the the list.

  • Floating Builds will be removed
  • Do not build death traps, including 1x1 holes.
  • Never advertise another server
  • Follow Cheevo Archive Wiki’s rules at all times.
  • If someone feels disrespected by something you say and they ask you to stop, stop. If you continue being disrespectful, you will be banned.
  • We reserve the right to revoke a rank if we feel it is proper punishment, so donators should keep this in mind when faced with decisions.
  • If you see anyone doing something they shouldn't and there are no staff members around to resolve the situation, please make a player report on our forums.
  • Do not give away or sell spawned items. If you knowingly are given spawned items and you give away or sell those, you also risk a ban. Our server economy is affected just as a real life economy would be. Counterfeit bills ruin the real-world economy just as spawned items ruin CheevoCraft’s economy.
  • Dirt builds will be removed!

Griefing Rules[]

  • Breaking blocks on buildings with protected doors/chests or a protection stone will result in a global ban.
  • Stealing from chests is Griefing
  • There are homes set up on the server to trap griefers
  • Steal from or destroy them and you will be immediately banned.
  • So don’t steal blocks you haven’t placed!

Chat Rules[]

  • Public Chat Should not be used for explicit conversations
  • This includes graphic descriptions of sexual material, Descriptions of Gory/Brutal Attacks and Deaths etc.
  • Discriminatory, Racist or in any way Insulting comments are not allowed and will result in a temp ban.


  • The use of any mod will result in immediate global ban.
  • You can request plugins to be installed at Cheevo Archive Wiki
  • X-ray Mods and Texture Packs are not allowed, you will be globally banned if caught!


  • Announcements must be relevant to the server or Cheevo Archive Wiki and any announcements that clash with the server or Cheevo Archive Wiki’s rules will be removed and the player who posted the announcement will be stripped of rank and temp banned.