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Welcome to CheevoCraft - Cheevo Archive Wiki's Dedicated Minecraft Server...

CheevoCraft is Cheevo Archive Wiki's dedicated Minecraft server. It is a free (offline mode) server meaning that anyone can play. Support CheevoCraft by voting. You can purchase Ranks via the online Store. Please make sure that you familarise yourself with the server's rules to ensure CheevoCraft stays a welcoming server for everyone.

It is compolsory that you know and follow CheevoCraft's Rules. If you do not punishment WILL be taken against you. More Info...

There are many different ranks on CheevoCraft. Each one brings more benefits than the last. Ranks are earned when a player has donated a specified ammount to CheevoCraft. More Info...

CheevoCraft’s economy is very advanced but still simple to use. Currency on CheevoCraft is counted in dollars and coins. Everyone starts with 30 dollars when they first join the server. Everyone is given interest on the amount in their account. You will get 0.75% of your balance for every day that you’re online. More Info...

CheevoCraft’s level system adds eleven skills to train in and level in. More Info...

Have you ever played on a Minecraft Server where there was no protection system set up? It Sucks, you put hours into you build and then someone comes along and griefs it. Luckily CheevoCraft has a state of the art protection system in place to prevent those pesky griefers. More Info...

Are you in need of money on CheevoCraft? Look no further, you can get $100 for each time you vote for CheevoCraft at supporting websites. More Info...

A Google Maps-like map of CheevoCraft that can be viewed in a browser. The map can display a high resolution view of the server labeling regions, player locations, mob locations and lots more! The Map Can be found here.

Upload screenshots of your builds and post them in this gallery.

For a complete list of commands visit the Commands page.

Anything not covered in one of the other tabs you will find here.

How to Get on CheevoCraft[]

Please Note that server is still in development so you cannot access it at this stage, more information coming soon.

  1. Go to and register an account for free. Use you wiki username so people know who you are.
  2. At the home page you will see “Play Minecraft” in the right hand side of the screen, click on “Download”. You DO NOT need a premium Minecraft account to play CheevoCraft, meaning you don’t have to pay.
  3. Once logged in go to your profile. This is where you can upload your skin to change what you look like.
  4. Open Minecraft and login using the account details you made on
  5. Go to “Multiplayer”.
  6. Choose “Add Server”, and then type CheevoCraft for Server Name.
  7. Add the servers IP Address: or and then your ready to play!


CheevoCraft has its own Teamspeak server as well. Teamspeak is a program that allows you to communicate with other player on the server over headsets.

Follow this guide to get on Teamspeak:

  1. Download Teamspeak from here.
  2. Once downloaded and installed run Teamspeak. You will be taken through first time use setup. If not go to Tools > Setup Wizard.
  3. Once this is done Open Manage Bookmarks and Add the Teamspeak Server with the Details below:
  4. Details:
    • Label: CheevoCraft
    • Address:
    • Port: 9665
    • Username: (Your Minecraft Username)
  5. You are now connected to CheevoCraft's Teamspeak Server!


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For more help post a comment below or visit the forums.

  • What is Griefing?

Griefing is deliberate negative actions against another player that affects his or her game. This can range from stealing items to destroying houses.

  • How do I get rank?

Go to our Ranks page for details.

  • Where do I build a House?

Got to /warp biomes and choose one to live in.

  • How do I get Food?
  1. Buy It
  2. Find an Animal to kill.
  • How do I protect my Stuff?

Information above.

  • How do I get Money?

Sell anything that you don’t need or vote for CheevoCraft.

  • I Need More Help!

Cheevo Archive Wiki offers guides on pretty much anything you could need, if you can’t find what you’re looking for our Forums are open for questions.

  • What is PVP?

PVP means Player vs. Player which means that you can kill each other. To play PVP go to the Combat Center.