Cheevo Archive Wiki:Admin Policy

This is an official CA Wiki Policy.

To make appeals to this policy, please talk to an Admin. Do NOT change this page yourself. The unauthorised changing of this policy could result in a week's blockage

Current Lead Admins


Admin Verification

A link to a Lead Admin's User page on CA Wiki is in the colour Lime.

Becoming an Admin


To become an admin you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You MUST have over 500 edits (This is to show dedication to the Wiki)
  • You must not antagonise other Users
  • You must submit a request on the Forums
  • You must be a very active user

Submitting Your Application

You can submit your application on the Forum:Adminship Request. The application must follow the following requirements:

  1. Wikia Username
  2. Time spent on CA Wiki
  3. Pages Created on CA Wiki
  4. Total Edits (Do NOT Lie! We can and will check!)
  5. Major Pages that you contributed to.
  6. Why you want to become an Admin? Convince Us.

Your application can take anywhere from a week to a month to be processed. Please do not nag staff about your application, as you may be Temp-blocked. Spelling will be enforced. In other words; Any mistakes will results in your application being DENIED

After Revision

When your application is reviewed and a decision is made by the Admins, you will be given One of two answers:

  • You have been put on Probation for a month


  • Your application has been denied. You may apply again on (A Month Away's Date)

If your application was accepted you will be put on probation for a month. This means that the Admin's will be taking a close eye on you for a month.

If your application is Denied, then you will not be able to apply again for another month. This is because we do not want the Applications Board to be clogged with re-applications

Post-Probationary Period

Once the probationary period has ended, the Lead Admins will deliberate and assign you to an Admin to be trained by, or deny your application and be give you some pointers for your next application

Sustaining Adminship

All Admins on this wiki should be active. This policy sets and enforces the maximum time frame for someone to be inactive without explanation.

The absolute maximum time (without explanation) is 7 days

A warning will be issued when an Admin is close to the expiry date without explanation, at which point the Admin in question can provide an explanation. If the warning is ignored then the rights to Admin and the subsequent rights will be removed.