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Next Webinar: 1st May at 10:00am AEST (GMT +10:00)

Warning This is an official CA Wiki Policy.

To make appeals to this policy, please talk to an Admin. Do NOT change yourself. The unauthorised changing of this policy could result in a week's blockage

This page lists the rules, as made by the Staff at Cheevo Archive Wiki, that refers to Webinars.


Repeated breaking of these rules can result in temporary, or in severe situations, permanent blockage from the chat.

What Are Webinars? Edit

Webinars are scheduled meetings that anyone can attend to discuss anything and everything to do with Cheevo Archive Wiki. These meetings will be hosted on Chat by the Admins.


Anyone who does not follow the Chat Rules or any of CA Wiki's policies will be immediately kick-banned and further punishment may be issued. The Rules are generally the same as the Normal Chat Rules, Apart from:

  • Absolutely NO Swearing
  • Bullying will result in a week's blockage
  • No Off-topic communication during Webinar (Private Messages Are your own business and the rules of the Webinar do not apply there)

Executive CommitteeEdit

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