Cheevo Archive Wiki:Manual of Style

This is an Official CA Wiki Policy

To make an Appeal to this policy, please notify an Admin. Unauthorised Editing of this page will result in blockage.

This page lists Requirements on Pages tailored specifically for this wiki. This page contains info for both Admins and normal users, so read whole page!

Articles (Excl. Main Page)

The Majority of our Articles on CA Wiki are either Game Pages or Achievement Pages.

Game Pages:

  • Have the "Game" Category
  • Should Include the Following Templates:
  • Should Contain A Table Listing Achievements (preferably Link to the Achievement Pages)
You will notice they are in the sidebar to the right when you edit the page

Achievement Pages:

  • Should NOT have the Games Category, instead, put the Game that the achievement is from as the Category
  • Should ONLY Have a customised CheevoData Template. The Template is simple enough to follow. (Side Note: Tips means an In-Depth Explanation. NOT your tips. That is reserved for the Talk Page)

Main Page

For Admins

The following rules must be adhered to when editing the Main Page.

  • No Eyesore Pictures
  • The Main Page has a General Layout. Stick to it.
  • Use Edit Summaries

For Non-Admins (Most Likely You)

  • Try not to touch the Main Page.
  • If you need to make an amendment to the Main Page, notify and Admin, and they will give permission or do it themselves

Forum Pages and Blog Posts

The Rules concerning these pages are just common sense:

  • Limit Swearing to Censorship (Using asterisks [*])
  • No Offensive Language, or Obscenity (images)

User Pages

User pages are off limits to all other users (excl. Admins). The rules for the user pages are the same as blog posts.