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Warning.png This is an official CA Wiki Policy.

To make appeals to this policy, please talk to an Admin. Do NOT change this page yourself. The unauthorised changing of this policy could result in a week's blockage

Current Rollbacks

Admins and bureaucrats are Rollbacks by Cascading Ranks. Normal Rollbacks are listed here. To see a list of Admins see here.

Apply here!

Verifying a Rollback

Rollbacks (excl. people with higher ranks) have links to their name in Magenta

Becoming a Rollback

This procedure is generally the Same as the Admin Policy. The requirements for Rollback are:

  1. You must be an Active user.
  2. You mustn't antagonise other Users
  3. You must have at least 300 Edits

Sustaining Rollback Rights

All Rollbacks on this wiki should be active. This policy sets and enforces the maximum time frame for someone to be inactive without explanation.

The absolute maximum time (without explanation) is 14 days

A warning will be issued when a Rollback is close to the expiry date without explanation, at which point the rollback in question can provide an explanation. If the warning is ignored then the rights to rollback will be removed.