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Curiously Inventive

Dead Rising 2 Curiously Inventive.jpg

How To Unlock: Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.


This achievement/trophy is basically asking to find all the combo cards hidden within Fortune City, such as on movie posters.

The following is a list of all the combo cards that are hidden within Fortune City:

  • Burning Skull – Spend approximately 1 million at the Fortune Teller on the Silver Strip
  • Laser Sword – Examine the poster in Paradise Platinum Screens at the Platinum Strip
  • Blambow – Examine the poster at the Food Court in between Wild West Grill and the Italian
  • Holy Arms – Examine the poster in Atlantica Casino, Fortune Park entrance on your right.
  • Freedom Bear – Examine the poster near the toilet (save point) in Yucatan Casino
  • Paddlesaw – Examine the poster at the Silver Strip, across Hot Excitorama
  • Snowball Cannon – Examine the poster on the 2nd floor of Pallisades Mall next to Maintenance room
  • Tenderizers – Examine the poster in Royal Flush Plaza, in front of the entrance to Americana
  • Spiked Bat – Combine these in the first Maintenance room when coming from the Safehouse