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Judge, Jury and Executioner

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How To Unlock: Defeat 10 psychopaths.


Psychopaths are survivors who have gone insane as a result of the outbreak in Fortune City. You'll encounter a fair share of these during the storyline, while others are messaged through your cellphone. There are more than 10 pshychopaths in the game but some of these can be extremely difficult to defeat in your first playthrough, make sure you're prepared or save them for another playthrough when you have levelled up a bit. Below is a list of the non-storyline messages that feature a psychopath, so that you can prepare accordingly.

■Chuck the Role Model

■Tastes Like Chicken

■Meet the contestants

■Here Comes the Groom

■Everyone Knows Slappy

■Mail Order Zombrex


■One Hit Wonder

■World's Most Dangerous Trick

Ted the psychopath can be found at the very start of the game at Yucatan Casino and mid-game there'll be a foursome that appears on the Silver Strip. These are the only 'non-messaged' psychos in the game