Dead Space 2
Dead Space 2

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Dead Space 2 is a third person horror action shooter which is devoloped by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.You control a character called Isaac Clark who has to fight a alien infection that infects human bodies and turns them into necromorphs.

Acheivement List Edit

Image Achievement Description Score How-To
Mission Impossible Complete the game on Zealot setting 50G Self-explanatory.
Romper Stomper Stomp 10 Containers 25G Self-explanatory.
Frozen In Time 10G
Made Us Whole 10G
Vacuum Clearer 30G
First Aid 10G
...And Stay Down 10G
Think Fast 15G
The Nanny 10G
C-Section 10G
Going For Distance 20G

Taste Of Your Own


It's A Trap 20G
Peek A Boo! 20G
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