Eternal Sonata
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Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Release Date

JP Xbox 360: June 14, 2007, US Xbox 360: September 17, 2007, JP PS3: September 18, 2008, US PS3: October 21, 2008

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Eternal Sonata, originally released as Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume in Japan, is a JRPG originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2007. The title was released in 2008 for the PlayStation 3 with a number of new features, including two bonus dungeons, two characters featured in the previous edition made playable, and a number of key changes and additions to the game's story, including altered opening and ending sequences. The original version connects to Xbox Live and makes use of the Achievements system, but the PlayStation 3 version was released before the advent of the PlayStation Network and therefore fails to utilize the Trophy system. No patch was ever released.


As famous classical composer Frederic Chopin lies on his deathbed, he enters a world that he believes to be entirely his dream. There, he meets a girl named Polka who is fated to die from a terminal illness and is the same age, 14, that his sister Emilia was when she passed away. The two are soon joined by a number of other characters, who travel to Forte City to confront the region's count about mineral powder, a dangerous substance that is being marketed as a healing agent, but is actually slowly driving people insane. As they journey, they discover a conspiracy much deeper than they could have imagined, and Frederic becomes determined to save the girl who so resembles his sister.

Achievement ListEdit

Achievement Description Gamerscore
Raindrops Chapter 1 Raindrops has been completed. 10G
Revolution Chapter 2 Revolution has been completed. 10G
Fantaisie-Impromptu Chapter 3 Fantaisie-Impromptu has been completed. 10G
Grande Valse Brillante Chapter 4 Grande Valse Brillante has been completed. 10G
Nocturne Chapter 5 Nocturne has been completed. 10G
Tristesse Chapter 6 Tristesse has been completed. 10G
Heroic Chapter 7 Heroic has been completed. 10G
Heaven's Mirror Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been completed. 10G
Grand Finale Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been completed with all characters remaining. 70G
Unlocked Party Level 2 Party Level 2 can now be selected. 10G
Unlocked Party Level 3 Party Level 3 can now be selected. 10G
Unlocked Party Level 4 Party Level 4 can now be selected. 10G
Unlocked Party Level 5 Party Level 5 can now be selected. 10G
Unlocked Party Level 6 Party Level 6 can now be selected. 20G
Hero's Gate The Hero's Gate has been opened. 30G
Rondo's Return Rondo has been defeated in Unison. 50G
Claves's Resurrection Unison has been completed and Claves has been resurrected. 50G
Soul Released The soul of Chord, the first mineral powder test subject, has been released. 79G
Xylophone's Treasure The hidden treasure in the secret room on the top floor of Xylophone Tower has been acquired. 80G
Pirates' Treasure The mystery behind the pirates' treasure has been solved and the treasure has been acquired. 80G
Score Piece Collector All the score pieces scattered throughout the world have been collected. 100G
EZI Worshipper All the items related to EZI have been collected. 321G

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