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Fifa 11 is part of the hit footballing franchise from EA Sports.

In Fifa 11 you can play as proffessional football players and teams. You can simply do an exhibition match where you choose a team to play as and a team to play against and control your selected team. Or, you can do that, but choose 1 player to control, both outfield and goalkeeper players. If you want to get even more advanced, you can create a tournament or go into career mode, where you can control 1 player through a career, be a player-manager or manager of any proffessional football club. You can also create and fully customize your own player, called a 'Virtual Pro', to play on any team. Your player will be added to the chosen team's line up in exhibition matches and career mode.

It also features an online mode, where you can play against friends. This downloadable free from Xbox Live, unkown for PSN.

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