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A Spoonful Of Blamite (10Game points.png ) (N/A)

Reach A Spoon Full Of Blamite.jpg
How to Obtain:

Killed 10 enemies in Firefight or Campaign with a supercombine explosion.


  • Must be done on Normal or higher difficulty*

You cannot die as it will reset you kill counter. This can be done in any game mode. A supercombine explosion is when you put so many needles into a enemy, the needles explode and cause instant death. There are two supercombine weapons that are found in this game:

Needler - T33 GML: The Needler is a Automatic gun that shoots faster the longer you shoot. This Needler has a magazine that holds 24 needle shots. The amount of needles needed to supercombine different enemies varies upon the enemy and how powerful they are.

Needler Rifle - T31 Rifle: Similar to the DMR, but the Covenants version. The Needler Rifle is a semi-auto single shot rifle that has a 3x zoom scope on top. To use the scope, click in the Left stick. A enemy that is shot three times with no shield will cause a super combine explosion. Avoid headshots though, as they will kill instantly with this weapon

The one thing certain is you must ensure the enemy is unshielded, or any needles will not count towards the required explosion total.

Needle Kill Medal: If you get a kill that is caused by a supercombine, you will see this medal appear on your screen. This only shows up in:

  • Campaign (Only when scoring is turned on for Campaign)
  • Firefight
  • Matchmaking/Multiplayer
  • Custom Games.