Halo Wars
Halo Wars cover



UNSC Leaders

Captain James Cutter, Sergeant John Forge, Professor Ellen Anders

Covenant Leaders

Arbiter, Prophet Hierarchs, Brute Chieftain


Xbox 360

Release dates

February 26, 2009

EU February 27, 2009 NA March 3, 2009


Single-player, multiplayer, cooperative

Halo Wars is a real-time strategy video game. Halo Wars is the 5th halo out of all the Halo series, but Halo Wars time line was based before all Halo video games. Halo Wars was made by Ensemble Studios and was Published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Personal Opinion: I like Halo Wars because it mixes my two favourite things, My favourite first person shooter game halo and like the idea of make a large UNSC army or a large Covenant army, how cool is that?

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