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AU 16 November 2007; NA 20 November 2007; EU 23 Novemeber 2007; JP 21 May 2009; PC Version Released 2008

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Science Fiction; Open World; RPG

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Mass Effect is a science-fiction open-world game developed by Bioware. The player assumes the (fully customisable) role of Commander Shepard, a veteran human soldier in a galaxy where Earth made first contact with aliens after discovering a cache of ancient technology on Mars. Upon meeting and interacting with the governing Council, mankind found the need to prove itself to them in order to be recognised as a valued addition to the galaxy. In 2183, Shepard's ship, the SSV Normandy, is sent by the Council to investigate more ancient technology unearthed on the human colony world of Eden Prime, which sets the stage for the storyline.

Initially, Mass Effect was only available on PC and Xbox. However, in October 2012 BioWare announced that Mass Effect would become available on PS3 as part of a trilogy box set and as an individual download from the Playstation Network. No information has been revealed as to whether or not it will include DLC.

All achievements are singleplayer.

Achivements ListEdit

Icon Name Notes Gamerscore
Medal of Honour Complete 1 playthrough of Mass Effect, on any setting. 100
Medal of Heroism Complete Feros. 25
Distinguished Service Medal Complete Eden Prime. 25
Council Legion of Merit Complete Virmire. 25
Honorarium of Corporate Service Complete Noveria. 25
Long Service Medal Complete 2 playthroughs of Mass Effect on any setting. 25
Distinguished Combat Medal Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting. Do not change the setting. 25
Medal of Valour Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Insanity difficulty setting. Do not change the setting. 50
Pistol Expert Register 150 pistol kills. 10
Shotgun Expert Register 150 shotgun kills. 15
Assault Rifle Expert Register 150 assault rifle kills. 15
Sniper Expert Register 150 sniper rifle kills. 15
Lift Mastery Use Biotic Lift 75 times. 15
Throw Mastery Use Biotic Throw 75 times. 15
Warp Mastery Use Biotic Warp 75 times. 15
Singularity Mastery Use Biotic Singularity 75 times. 15
Barrier Mastery Use Biotic Barrier 75 times. 15
Stasis Mastery Use Biotic Stasis 75 times. 15
Damping Specialist Use Damping Field 75 tmes. 15
Hacking Specialist Use AI Hacking 75 times. 15
Overload Specialist Use Shield Overload 75 times. 15
Sabotage Specialist Use Sabotage 75 times. 15
First Aid Specialist Use medi-gel 75 times. 15
Neural Shock Specialist Use Neural Shock 75 times. 15
Scholar Find all primary Alien: Council Races, Extinct Races and Non-Council Races codex entries. 25
Completionist Complete the majority of the game. 25
Tactician Complete one playthrough with the shield damage greater than the health damage. 25
Medal of Exploration Land on an uncharted world. 50
Rich Exceed 1,000,000 credits. 25
Dog of War Register 150 organic enemy kills. 25
Geth Hunter Register 250 synthetic enemy kills. 25
Soldier Ally Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance soldier squad member. 20
Sentinel Ally Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance sentinel squad member. 20
Krogan Ally Complete the majority of the game with the Krogan squad member. 20
Turian Ally Complete the majority of the game with the Turian squad member. 20
Quarian Ally Complete the majority of the game with the Quarian squad member. 20
Asari Ally Complete the majority of the game with the Asari squad member. 20
Power Gamer Reach the 50th Level with one character. 20
Extreme Power Gamer Reach the 60th Level with one character. 50
Renegade Accumulate 75% of the total Renegade Points. 15
Paragon Accumulate 75% of the total Paragon Points. 15
Paramour Complete any Romance subplot. 10
Spectre Inductee Become a Spectre. 15
Charismatic Use Charm or Intimidate to resolve an impossible situation. 10
Search and Rescue Locate Dr. T'soni in the Artemis Tau cluster. 10

DLC AchivementsEdit

Bring Down the SkyEdit

Icon Name Notes Gamerscore
Colonial Saviour Complete the Bring Down the Sky mission. 50

Pinnacle StationEdit

Icon Name Notes Gamerscore
Undisputed Complete the Ahern's Survival mission. 50
New Sherrif in Town Take first place in any combat scenario on Pinnacle Station. 50
Best of the Best Take first place in 12 combat scenarios on Pinnacle Station. 50
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