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Minecraft (PC)
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Minecraft is a first person sandbox/RPG created and published by Mojang Studios.

Achievement ListEdit


Taking Inventory

Use E to take inventory

Getting Wood

Get a piece of wood


Make a crafting table

Time to Farm!

Use wood to make a hoe

Bake Bread

Harvest wheat to make bread

The Lie

Time to Strike!

Make a sword

Monster Hunter

Kill a monster with a sword

Sniper Duel

Kill a skeleton with a bow from 50 or more blocks away

Cow Tipper

Kill a cow with a sword

When Pigs Fly

Ride a pig off a cliff with a saddle

Time to Mine!

Make a pickaxe

Getting an Upgrade

Make a stone pickaxe

Hot Topic

Delicious Fish

Fish for and cook Raw Fish

Acquire Hardware

On a Rail

Ride on a rail for more then 7500k


Mine diamonds


Enchant an item



Make bookshelves

We Need to Go Deeper
Return to Sender

Into Fire

Make and use a portal to the nether

Local Brewery

Make a brewing stand

The End?
The End.
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