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Get Rich or Die Trying

MW3 Get Rich or Die Trying.jpg

How to Obtain: Have $50,000 current balance in a Special Ops Survival game.


This achievement is not cumulative. You must have a total of $50,000+ in your bank at one given time for this to unlock. This means while you progress through the waves, you can only do limited spending. So make sure you get what you need at the beginning, and then only spend a small amount on ammo when needed. A good and fast way to get your cash up fast is by getting the end bonuses. Make sure you get those killstreaks, headshots, accuracy kills, rampages, finish fast and take little damage etc. All these add the extra cash to your total. Another way to save on cash is to also use the weapons the Enemy AI drop. Using these will save you a lot of money. There's also a nice little co-op trick you can do to. Start a 2 player Survival and have one of the players reach the $50k mark, or both reach a cumulative total of $50K. Once the achievement unlocks, share all the money with your partner via one of the Armories. This way they'll get your $50k and the achievement too.