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Menage a Trois

MW3 Menage a Trois.jpg

How to Obtain: Destroy 3 tanks with a single 105mm shot in "Iron Lady."


As soon as you take control of the AC-130 at the beginning of the "Iron Lady" mission, switch to the FLIR (infrared vision) with the X (Xbox) or O (PS3). You should be set automatically set to the 105mm, but if not, press Y (Xbox) or "Triangle" (PS3) to swap between the 3 ammo options. Now if you look in the center of the circular area, you'll spot 2 tanks side by side. Then look to the left of these, and you'll spot a 3rd tank moving up to them. All you need to do here is wait for that 3rd tank to be alongside the other 2 and then simply take a shot right in the middle of them all. With them being all so close to each other, the explosion of everything will take all 3 out in one go and unlock your achievement.