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What Goes Up...

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How to Obtain: Destroy all the choppers with only the UGV's grenade launcher in "Persona Non Grata."


In the third mission "Persona Non Grata" you'll follow Price into a cellar and be presented with the UGV. For this achievement you'll need to take out a total of 5 helicopters with the UGVs grenade launcher. You'll have a total of 20 grenades on the UVG, and each helicopter takes 2 grenades until they're destroyed. Your best bet here is to take it slow. The minigun has unlimited ammo so don't worry about running out. As soon as you spot a helicopter, let it take its position and take your time. Once you have it in your sights press RB (Xbox) or R2 (PS3) to fire one of the UVGs grenades. Here's the order they come in:

■ First one is right outside of the garage from where you take control of the UVG.

■ As you make your wayonto the construction building, the 2nd will fly up from the right.

■ After the 2nd helicopter, 2 more will fly over the hills to your left.

■ The last one will fly from right in front of you as you get to the second construction yard.