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Darkness Returns

Skyrim Darkness Returns.jpg

How To Unlock: Complete "Darkness Returns".


For the second Thieves Guild achievement, you’ll have to take part in a few Thieves Guild jobs first. The following are missions required for this achievement:

  • Loud and Clear - A nice little heist job of sorts.
  • Dampened Spirits - Someone wants you to do some of their dirty work.
  • Speaking With Silence - Head into the dark depths of the Snow Veil Sanctum.
  • Hard Answers - Head to Winterhold and beyond.
  • Darkness Returns – The less said, the better, just complete this quest.
  • The Pursuit – Head back to the thieves guild and begin this new quest.
  • Trinity Restored – Take a trip to get something of great power.
  • Blindsighted – Travel somewhere and get something important.
  • Darkness Returns – Finish it, once and for all.