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Golden Touch

Skyrim Golden Touch.jpg

How To Unlock: Have 100,000 gold.


First things first, the achievement requires you have 100,000 gold on you at any one time.

Anyway, some tips:

  • Killing dragons and selling their scales and bones is a good way to earn some quick bucks.
  • Doing missions for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will net you plenty of coin.
  • In the last Dark Brotherhood main mission, “Hail Sithis!,”you’ll get given 20,000 gold, which you have to invest in another mission. Simply put, don’t start that mission until you have this achievement and this will give you a 20,000 shortcut.
  • Pick up what you can, when you can and then when you get back into the city, sell everything you don’t want and net the cash. Don’t waste your time with worthless items like bread, plates, wooden dishes, etc. Save it for the high money to weigh ratio.
  • Remember, shops don’t have unlimited gold, so try to get rid of stuff when you have it. However, if , like me, you don’t, then you generally find that waiting 48 hours (in the store, that is using the wait button) they will have their allotted amount of money back, so if you’re desperate, do that. You can always buy back what you sell at a later time, obviously for a much more bigger cost. NOTE: If you do it this way it can be stupidly boring! Also, the higher your speech skill, the more you get per item (although it’s not really that noticeable). You can use the merchants in every town, but the best place to do this is in the Thieves Guild, with Tonilia… when I went to see her she had 4,000 gold every 48 hours, so it’s much quicker this way (this was after I had finished the Thieves Guild's questline though, so she may have less before then). Also, as GR Fenrir points out, hitting the guide button just after you start to wait for 24 hours actually makes the timer click down quicker... so do that!