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One With the Shadows

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How To Unlock: Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory."


In order to get this achievement you have to do enough side missions (and then a main mission for each of the 4 major cities) for the Thieves Guild, namely Delvin and Vex, so you can restore the Thieves Guild to its former glory. It’s basically a matter of doing a set of mundane jobs throughout the cities of Skyrim until the guild catches someone’s eye there, then doing the main mission in that city. There’s a lot of tooing and froing to be done here, so don’t say you haven’t been warned – remember as well, pick two missions up at a time (one from each Delvin and Vex) and then drop them off two at a time.

By my reckoning, you have to do around 40 smaller quests overall (well, that’s how many I did), as well as 4 bigger quests in the 4 major cities (not Riften) – these 4 missions will be given to you while you do the smaller quests at various intervals. It’s 350 gold a mission to start with, 400 later on and they are quick and relatively easy (except the Bedlam stuff).

The types of mission are:

  • Delvin:
    • The Numbers Job – forge a specific ledger.
    • The Fishing Job – pickpocket a specific item.
    • The Bedlam Job – steal 500 gold of goods from one city.
  • Vex:
    • The Burglary Job – steal a specific something from someone’s house.
    • The Shill Job – plant a specific stolen object in someone’s house.
    • The Sweep Job – steal a series of specific valuable items from someone’s house.
    • The Heist Job – steal from a shop.

Then you’ll have to do the following quests in each city:

  • Imitation Amnesty – Whiterun.
  • Silver Lining - Markarth.
  • Summerset Shadows - Windhelm
  • The Dainty Sload – Solitude

Then finally:

  • Under New Management – Speak to Brynjolf to start this bad boy when you have done the other 4 main quests.

Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass in truth and super boring – talk about cheaply artificially extending the length of the guild – but it has to be done… it helps towards the 100,000 gold achievement anyway, plus a few of the other more sinister achievements.