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Skill Master

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How To Unlock: Get a skill to 100.


And how do you get a skill up to level 100? Simple… over-bloody-usage! If you’re an archer, use your bow all the time, buy perks that improve and make you stronger in that discipline and just go crazy with it.

There are three ways though to improve a skill which you can take advantage of:

  • Use the skill repeatedly. The lower the skill is, the faster it levels up.
  • Train with another character – this is going to cost you gold though and the higher the level, the more it’ll cost you. NOTE: You can train 5 times per character level (across every discipline), so use them wisely.
  • Finally, find a skill book. Chances are though this will be down to chance, so concentrate on the other two and then take this as an added bonus along the way.

Here are some amazing tactics to raise skill levels (and thus, your character level) quickly:

  • Make use of the standing stones. There are plenty that can speed the skill levelling so work out which ones you want to work on and make good use of them.
  • A good tip is making obscene amounts of gold and then getting training from people all round Skyrim. You’ll generally find deceptive tactic trainers in the Thieves Guild, merchantable trainers in the towns and cities, magic trainers in the Winterhold college, combat trainers in the Companions’ chamber in Whiterun and so on. Remember though, you can only train 5 times per character level (across all disciplines) so try picking the one with the highest level in your list, paying more gold and getting more of a boost.
  • A personal favourite of mine: if you do the quest "Discerning the Transmundane" (see the "Oblivion Walker" achievement for details on how and where you have to go) you'll get an artefact that significantly raises a selection of skills and attributes. Do this and heed the warning... use it when you have a lot of high levels to rise for added effect.
  • Smithing is an easy skill to raise and thanks to Vile Denial, there is a sound tactic already. He says: "If you want to reach level 100 in a skill easily (and get a few levels while doing so), I'd recommend smithing. Simply find/buy (I'd recommend buying) all the iron ingots/ore you can, along with leather and leather strips. Warmaiden's is a good place, since the wife outside and husband inside both sell these. Then simply make iron daggers. Once you run out of iron, switch over to leather bracers. Then sell all the items you've made (can even level up speechcraft here during selling). Simply wait until the shops reset (24 hours?), and repeat. You'll get to 100 in no time."
  • Another great tip from Vile Denial here, this time in regards to skill improvement books, which you can buy. He says, "Also, a small note for the skill books achievement. All skills books will have a value above 50 gold (although not all books with a value above 50 will be skill books - I believe there's one worth 200 which doesn't raise a skill)."
  • A great tip from rza_2002 here: "The Illusion spell "muffle," you can cast this anywhere and everywhere, I just put it on my left hand [weapon on right] and as i explored everywhere i kept pressing LT." You can buy the muffle spell from Drevis Neloren inside the Hall of Countenance at the College of Winterhold. Another one from rza, this time in regards to sneaking: "If you're close enough to an enemy and he can't see you, you can sneak constantly into the wall/corner... I just rubberbanded the analog stick and left it while I watched TV."
  • Again, rza suggest for the heavy armour, light armour and block skills: They "all can all be levelled by finding an enemy that's not gonna kill you and just standing there." It does take a while though and if I can add, if you equip a healing spell when they're attacking you, you can build your restoration as well.
  • In regards to alchemy, rza again suggests: "All ingredients have 4 [perks or w/e] you can either experiment to find out or buy the recipes [from alchemy stores]. Turns out the the top left of EVERYTHING is found out by eating it. If you've got loads of cash, just head to all the alchemy shops, buy all the ingredients you can and just sit and make potions, then sell them all again afterwards and start again." For a list of recipes for potions, check out the Wiki page.
  • If using the skills training with another character, D3m3nt3d G00s3/Ezio181 suggests: "Try to pickpocket the character training you afterwards, as you will not want to have to make enough gold to buy a house again to do the 5 training sessions per level. It's simple, really: Pickpocket them afterwards and recover your gold. Get caught, however, and you must either run if you aren't too fussed on your gold, or kill them then loot it if you're a bit tight on money. Downside of killing them, you and your itchy trigger fingers need to find a new trainer."