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Kyra Manx

Birth Name

Kyra Manx



Date of Birth

November 04 2000 (age 14)

Place of Birth


Eye Colour


Hair Colour


Active Years



Victoria(Disel, Disel 2, Disel 4, Disel 5)

Grew up

Madrid, Spain

Where now


Kyra Manx (born November 04, 2000 (age 14), Madrid, Spain) is an English actress and singer. Manx played the lead role of Victoria in the movies: Disel, Disel 2, Disel 4, Disel 5.


Manx was born in 2000 in Madrid, Spain. When she was three her mom got a job abroad and took Manx with her but unfortunately Manx got sick on the stop to Spain and was not allowed to travel. Her mom made a decision to let her aunt and uncle who live in Spain take care of her while she works abroad.At five, she moved with her aunt and her older cousin to Ireland. It was there where she first expressed interest in acting and her aunt was very supportive and enrolled her into a drama school. She landed an Irish agent when she was that same year. When she was 6, she began working in drama school, signing with an Irish/American manager and landing her first role in drama school tv series, Match Me Maker as Mandy Wilson. Since then, she has been landing roles both locally and in Philippines. In 2007, she went to the Philippines to work on a movie, TEENS as teen maddie. and returned after filming ended in 2008. Her tv series ''Match Me Maker'' in drama school ended in August 2014 but a new show was given to her. In December 2014 Christmas came early for her when she was given the show ''I'll Be a Friend'' which she stars in as Sierra Higgens

Manx revealed that she doesn't go to school on the set of any of her films and series. Instead, she attends a regular school: "I go to an actual school and my friends and everybody there have been so supportive. It's nice when I'm not working to go to that school and be surrounded by really supportive friends.''She is also the younger cousin of a famous student in drama class, Bea.

She is currently dating the jock of her drama school, her co-star and the most popular guy in her drama school, Austin Cole, who plays Victoria's love interest Johnson Friar on Disel Disel 2, Disel 4, Disel 5.

In 2008 Manx signed a record deal with her drama school music teacher, Helix George and she released her very first album''It's Kyra''. On that same year Manx revealed and promised her fans in drama schools that she will release a new album every two years if posssible. She also said that she will be going on a tour once she has enough albums released to perform. In 2013, Manx recorded four solo songs and toured the countries Spain, America, Philippines and Australia.In 2014 she released her third album'' Finally Me''. In Febuary 2015 Manx revealed that she is currently working on a new album and has about 15 songs done already. She will be renewing her contract with George in 2016.

Personality []

Kyra is a kind, intelligent, creative, responsible, 14-year-old girl who cares about her family and friends. Kyra loves to go shopping, hang out with her best friend, Nicola, and go to the movies. Her favorite colors are blue and purple. Kyra gets excellent grades and excels in German, Irish and Science. She also likes music. Her best friend Nicola calls her "K". Kyra can get easily distracted, especially if it comes to her drama school crush, Austin. However, Kyra can sometimes be jealous or angry. Kyra gets jealous when her best friend Nicola becomes "closemates" with her boyfriend(now ex), Damion. She sometimes hides secrets from her aunt. Kyra also is easily embarrassed, especially by her family members.

Kyra can also be extremely sensitive about her grades. She gets upset and even a little mad when she gets her a B, even though Bs aren't that bad. She goes as far as even buying a chocolates and gifts just to make her teacher happy and get an A . Once in drama school, she angrily snaps the point of her teacher's pencil when he refuses to change her grade and ends up getting detention. Her catchphrase is "That's so unfair" based on people in her life being unfair. She also likes to say ''When the whole world say, say what''.

Physical Appearance[]

Kyra has long black hair that she left in loose waves most of the time . She is not very tall for her age. Most of the time she can be seen wearing her hair down. She can mostly be seen wearing sneakers. Kyra usually wears jeans paired with a loose blouse or sequined tee and a long sweater. She has an excellent fashion sense.


year film role
2005 TEEN young Maddie
2007 3 words Sunshine
2008 Disel Victoria
2009 Long Labour Hannah
2010 Disel 2 Victoria
2012 Happy Hour Janice
2013 Disel 4 Victoria
2013 Salon D8 Diana
2014 Disel 5 Victoria
2014 Tots Hilar Hilary
year title role
2006- 2014 Match Me Maker Mandy Wilson
2014-PRESENT I'll Be a Friend Sierra Higgens


Year Song Album
2008 A day in my shoes It's Kyra
I'll be your everything
2010 I'll be your fairytale Fictional


Slowly but Surely
2012 OH my G dream A MIllion stars
A million stars
2014 Fear is overrated Wild Side
Break it slowly
2015 Mystery
Year Number Album
2008 #1 It's Kyra
2010 #2 Fictional Life
2012 #3 A Million Stars
2014 #4 Wild Side
2015 #5


Year Result Award Category Work
2005 Won ADSA(athlone drama school award) Young Rising Star TEEN
2008 Nominated ADSA(athlone drama school award) Best Action Star Disel
2012 Won ADSA(athlone drama school award) Best Supporting Actress Happy Hour
2012 Won ADSA(athlone drama school award) Most Favourite Music A Million Star
2013 won ADSA(athlone drama school award) Best Action Star Disel 4
2013 Won ADSA(athlone drama school award) Most Attractive Teen
2014 Won ADSA(athlone drama school award) Most Listened Album Wild Side
2014 Nominated ADSA(athlone drama school award) Most Favourite Actress Tots Hilar
2015 Nominated ADSA(athlone drama school award) Most Outstanding Actress I'll Be a Friend


  • Manx writes with her left hand, but plays the guitar with her right hand.
  • Manx is the only girl that her mom gave birth to.
  • She hates when people touch her thing without her permission
  • She doesnt like the sun and prefers it cold.
  • She lives with her aunt.
  • Her parents control her school life and the rest is controlled by her aunt.
  • She knows how snowboarding.
  • She snowboard in Darrington, Washington Whitehorse Mountain.
  • She did great until she caused a semi-avalanche which she got covered by.
  • Her snowboarding coach is Niall Ronsal.