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Fast and Thorough

Sniper Fast and Thorough.jpg

How To Unlock: Kill all the enemy snipers in 'Appearances can be deceiving' in less than four minutes.


“Appearances can be deceiving” is the first mission in the 'Unfinished Business' campaign. At the end of this mission you will be asked to kill the snipers on the building in the area below you. The time starts after the dummie sniper is taken out. Stay zoomed out and look for the flashes of the sun reflecting on their scopes. They will all appear high up on top of a structure. You have plenty of time, so do not rush. Below is a list of all 8 snipers and their positions:

  1. Left building, on roof, right side.
  2. Centre low, on top of the yellow fuel tanks.
  3. On a balcony, near the top of the left red and white chimney stack.
  4. Main building roof, left side, behind the AC unit.
  5. Main building roof, right side, in front of middle chimney stack.
  6. Main building roof, right side, on the balcony, behind the power pylon.
  7. Right building roof, behind AC unit.
  8. Left building rear, behind the power pylon.

Take all of them out in less then 4 minutes and the trophy will be yours.