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One Package, Two Receivers

Sniper One Package, Two Receivers.jpg

How To Unlock: Kill 2 enemies with one grenade.


This trophy has to be done in Singleplayer. Simply kill 2 enemies with the same grenade. As this game doesn't feature the option to cook grenades, you need a little luck and skill for this. But enemies do not normally run out of cover if you throw a grenade at them, so it really isn't too hard to achieve.

Enemies often walk around or stand close together, so there is no shortage of opportunities to get this trophy. My personal favourite spot is at the beginning of Mission 7 - A Simple Rendezvous. At the start, there are two guards walking away from you. Take them out with a single grenade and its job done.

If for some reason it doesn’t come off, you can just reload the checkpoint to try again.

Another good spot is at the beginning of Mission 8 – Steal From Under Their Noses. The two guards at the bridge are an easy double kill. Also, you can go for this in Mission 2 – No Man Left Behind, at the same spot where I recommend going for the double rifle kill. See One Shot, Two Kills.