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One Shot, Two Kills

Sniper One Shot, Two Kills.jpg

How To Unlock: Kill 2 enemies with one shot.


You have to kill 2 enemies with a single bullet to unlock this trophy. A lot of times, mainly in the stealth sections of the game, you will encounter 2 or more enemies near each other while they are talking to each other. Try to hit both with a single bullet. Normally the game will go into a Bullet Cam replay, and then the trophy should unlock. It took me 3 tries to unlock this trophy, so it might be “glitched” as well.

My favourite spot to get this is in Mission 2 – No Man Left Behind. After passing through the stone arch, you will be told that if you can get to the truck, you can avoid entering the village. At this point, go to the left side of the roadway. Make your way along the bank towards the checkpoint. Avoid contact with the first patrolling guard on the roadway. As you get near the truck, there will be a single guard standing near the fence. Take him out with a throwing knife. Do not go to the truck. Instead follow along the bank to the end. There is a rock besdie the fence. If you stand on it and look to your right along the road, you can line up three soldiers in your sights at once. Since you only need two, your chances are increased.

Use your focus, and aim for a multiple headshot. You should have no problem getting two of them together. If it doesn’t work out, just reload from the last checkpoint and repeat.

Another good spot is at the beginning of Mission 8 – Steal From Under Their Noses. The two guards at the bridge are an easy double kill.