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Sniper Master

Sniper Sniper Master.jpg

How To Unlock: Deliver 100 headshots.


This cheevo has to be done in Singleplayer. Keep aiming for the head, as headshots mean instant kills. You should be able to get this trophy about halfway through the Ghost Warrior campaign. But make sure to get into the habit of going for headshots from the start. Concentration Mode is the key to pulling these off fairly regularly. To enter Concentration Mode, aim through your sniper scope and click and hold the left stick. This has three main effects:

  1. You stop breathing, steadying your aim and lowering your heart rate.
  2. Time slows down, giving you time to place shots more accurately.
  3. Enemies become highlighted in a blue halo effect, making them easy to spot.

This should be your go-to move, and you will be required to use it hundreds of times. Remember, every chance you get, go for the headshot.