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The Protector of Pontoon

Sniper The Protector of Pontoon.jpg

How To Unlock: Kill all enemies attacking your pontoon from the riverside on 'Weaken The Regime' level.


This trophy is based on the start of Mission 5 – Weaken the Regime. You start this level in the boat, and this trophy covers that first stretch of river. Enemies will appear on either bank, and you have to kill every single one of them. This is not actually that hard once you know which direction they are coming from.

Group 1: Left Bank – 3 Enemies: There will be two guards on the stilted platform, near to some handy exploding barrels. Make sure to get the third man, who will be on the riverbank to the left of that platform.

Group 2: Right Bank – 3 Enemies: Two guards will run out onto the jetty. Again, make sure to get the third man, who will be back on the riverbank to the right of the first two soldiers.

Group 3: Left Bank – 2 Enemies: These two will appear on the left riverbank in plain sight.

Take your time, and make sure to use Concentration Mode to ease your way through. If the trophy does not pop before you hide from the choppers, you have probably missed someone. Reload the Mission and try again.