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You Have To Focus

Sniper You Have to Focus.jpg

How To Unlock: Kill 15 enemy using concentration mode.


This one should come naturally within the first level or two. You can enter concentration mode by pressing and holding . Concentration mode will not only make headshots a lot easier, it stabilizes your gun so you can take out enemies more efficiently. It has three main effects:

  1. You stop breathing, steadying your aim and lowering your heart rate.
  1. Time slows down, giving you time to place shots more accurately.
  1. Enemies become highlighted in a blue halo effect, making them easy to spot.

You will be finding yourself using this a lot during the campaign, so there will be no way that you will miss out on this trophy. This should be your go-to move, and you will be required to use it hundreds of times. So getting 15 will not be a problem.