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Can't Touch This ({{{Gamerscore}}}Game points.png ) ({{{Bronze/Silver/Gold}}})

How to Obtain:

Beat the Time Eater without taking damage


While many people think you can't get hit with debris without having to restart, this isn't true. All you have to do is avoid the Time Eater's attacks. If you get hit, you must start over.

Homing Shot: This is somewhat hard to avoid, just try to go in the opposite direction of the shots. Also, when the Time Eater slows down time, he can fire multiple homing shots at once.

Laser: The laser is very thin, when you see it charging energy just go up.

Teleporting Arm: This is much easier to avoid while playing as Classic Sonic, if you are currently playing as Modern Sonic just go right or down as these seem to be easier methods.

Clap: When you get close to the core of the Time Eater, it's hands will start glowing green and you will need to go up or else it will knock you back.

Also, it is advisable to switch between Classic and Modern Sonic when the Time Eater attacks so that it has a much lower chance of hitting you. This doesn't work with the Homing Shot.