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Spec Ops: The Line


North America June 26 2012, Europe June 29 2012


First Person Shooter (FPS)


Yager Development (singleplayer), Darkside Game Studios (multiplayer)


2K Games

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Spec Ops: The Line is set in the near future and takes place solely in Dubai. In the Campaign, you take on the role of Delta Force Captain Martin Walker alongside Staff Sergeant John Lugo and 1st Lieutenant Alphanso Adams. Dubai was hit with a massive set of sandstorms, killing a vast majority of people, and was suspected the storms killed the 33rd Infantry who were helping to evacuate the city. A few months after, your character's squad get sent into Dubai to search for surviors and call for an evac. After encountering with armed local survivors, things spiral out of control and it proves that the 33rd are still alive... and have gone rogue, taking over the city and feeling the need to kill Walker, Lugo and Adams.

Also features a Multiplayer setting.

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