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I am .50CalAssassin, one of the founders and lead developers on this wiki. I am happy to answer any questions or give any advice, Contact me or one of the other admins in order to request adminship. Feel free to add to the wiki; however spam will not be tolerated. I am neither PS3, PC, or Xbox fan, I like them both for different reasons, but I mostly play Xbox online.

I am one of the 6 admins on this wiki. I have had a total of Special:Editcount/.50CalAssassin Edits. As an administrator its my job to administrate what happens on the wiki. This includes making sure it stays a vandalism/spam free wiki and a welcoming place for new members. I also help editors of all experience ranges with any wiki related concerns. As an admin I must ensure that our Policy is constantly being followed by everyone, including while on chat/IRC.
I am creator of Cheevo Archive's Minecraft Server, Cheevo Craft. My job is to manage what happens on it and make sure everyone, including myself, is having fun.

PSN: ezio_is_mad

XBL: GhillieAssassin


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