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Hello Cheevo-ers!

It's been a rather lazy Easter Holiday :) for me and it's almost over, as i go back to school (BOO!) on Tuesday 16th. I thought I'd right a blog, about a few various things! Enjoy!

Friday the 13th!!!

Oh no! It's Friday the 13th!! I haven't had any 'bad luck' on any Friday 13th... yet. Every Friday 13th I'm half tempted to wrap myself up in bubble and sit on the sofa all day, but i haven't. I even let my mum drag... and i mean drag, me out of the house and drive me to Matalan (Ahh. Worst place ever!) today, and i'm writng this in one piece. Wait, lemme check... -INTERMISSION- Nope, i'm in one piece!

Never mind me, i want to know if you've had any bad luck on Friday 13th! Or any drastic measures you've taken to protect yourself!


Also, if you have any jokes about Friday 13th or any thing about the unlucky number, say so!

Why to avoid row 13 seats on an aeroplane: A man was sitting in row 14 on an aeroplane, and noticed no one was sitting in row 13. He said to the hostess: "Why isn't anyone sitting in row 13? And why did I have to pay £20 more for these row 14 seats?" he asked. "Well," she replied,"no one sits here because that row is supposed to be unlucky, being 13 and all. And your seats are worth £20 more because you may get more leg room." "Leg room?!" exclaimed the man,"There is no more leg room than any other seats!". "On the last flight there was", explained the hostess,"All of a sudden the entire row 13 seats just dropped straight out of the aeroplane! So row 14 passengers happily recieved more leg room!"

5 pages created!

I have, as of yesterday, created my 5th game page; Medal of Honor (2010)! I am over 300 edits strong, 4th in the Leader Board (630 points) and applying for an Admin position!

I have created the following pages


I have notice .50CalAssassin's and Tawatson's Gamercards and generated one for myself. I haven't been online for a while as i have no Gold membership =C so there are no games appearing ATM.

Gamercard 2.png

Thank you!

Thanks for reading an please comment!

Happy editing!

Joe 2416 Assassins! Wikians! 16:15, April 13, 2012 (UTC)