Cheevo Archive Wiki has so far started out as a small group. Now, many edits later, we have achieved a LOT. And, with the help of other wikis, we can grow even further! The Affiliation Program is a way to mutually benefit both wikis involved. Wikis can advertise on their Main Page to show editors that they are affiliated with other wikis. The editors inspect these wikis and edit something. Your Wiki just got one more editor. The same happens to us. If the edits become constant, then you have an Active User. That is the way the Affiliation Program works.

Affiliating With CheevoEdit

See Our Affiliation Guidelines

Current AffiliatesEdit

MinecraftWiki Uncharted Wiki-wordmark
InFamous Wiki-wordmark Battlefield
Assassin Creed Wiki-wordmark Splinter Cell
CoDWiki Fable Wiki-wordmark
Far Cry Wiki-wordmark Sly Cooper
Rage Wiki-wordmark
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