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How To Obtain: Pack-a-Punch 5 weapons in one game on 'Der Riese'.


  • Use an MG42, M1919 Browning or an FG42 as a Personal Defense Weapon. Upgrade the MG42/M1919 Browning/FG42 and upgrade your second weapon. If the player is somewhat lucky enough to get the Ray Gun, trade away the upgraded light machine gun for an MP40 and upgrade that. Use the Afterburner (Upgraded MP40) to earn enough points to buy an STG-44. Use the Spatz+ 44 (Upgraded STG-44) to earn enough points to buy a Type 100 and upgrade it to the 1001 Samurais to earn the achievment.
  • Don't forget to buy Juggernog and play in a 4 player match for the best success!